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Emirates operates all-Boeing 777 on Seychelles route

3emiratesAs of June this year Emirates Airline is operating two Boeing 777 on its double daily service, seven days a week, between Dubai and Seychelles.

The Boeing 777-300ER and the Boeing 777-200LR have been put in operation after testing the viability of such type of planes on that route.

The Boeing 777-200LR have three classes – First Class with a seat capacity of 8;  Business Class of 42 seats and the Economy one of 216 seat capacity – all offering passengers a greater choice of travelling.

A media visit was organised by the airline so as to raise awareness of the flights by the new planes to Seychelles and the features and facilities on board.

It was very gratifying for the journalists to be conducted on a tour of a plane – owned by an airline of such magnitude; possessing more than 230 aircraft in its fleet; currently flying to over 140 destinations in more than 80 countries around the world – by an ever smiling Seychellois cabin crew member, 27-year-old Nathalie Maillet, who is a senior flight stewardess with Emirates Airline.

2emiratesNathalie is rarely seen on the Seychelles-bound flights though she is a Seychellois. She has flown to various destinations served by Emirates and her latest trip was to New York!

The day the media visited, it was Boeing 777-200LR that was stationed at the Seychelles International Airport. So the journalists got the chance to see and even experience the facilities and services onboard.

For the First Class Private Suite, a passenger can enjoy only luxury onboard. The privacy doors can be slided and closed so you can unwind in your own world. You do not need overhead luggage compartment as there is enough space in the compartment in front of you for such a purpose.  You can enjoy a drink or can help yourself to your personal mini bar. You can also turn down the light, choose your preferred entertainment provided to you from the Information Communications and Entertainment (ICE) from sizeable screen with over 2,000 channels of movies, games, shows, live shows, podcasts and where you can even keep in touch with latest sports and news.

On Emirates’ Boeing 777’s First Class you can sleep like in your own room at home. You just have to convert your seat into a fully flat bed and drift into a restful sleep. From à la carte cuisine to a tasty midnight snack, your meals can be prepared whenever your mood takes you.

Whether you are flying to your next meeting or enjoying your latest adventure, Emirates’s Boeing 777’s Business Class, helps you arrive inspired. There you can recline your seat into a bed so you can sleep, send emails, write the next chapter of your book, text or sms as you are connected to WiFi.

1emirateEven the headsets on both First Class and Business Class have noise cancellation features adding to your comfort.

The larger capacity Economy Class also offers comfortable flying experience. Children are treated to toys, colouring books with crayons, bags of goodies with baby lotion and wipes. For those up to 11 months, baby basin is provided.

”But you have to inform Emirates whether you will need one when booking your flight,” said Nathalie.

For adults the Economy Class also offers facilities and comfort to make your fight unique. You can plug in your laptop to the in-seat power; call or send emails through the WiFi service on most flights; relax to the latest tunes or explore new worlds with the airline’s ICE inflight entertainment. As for other features on this class, the sets can be pitched up to 33” apart and recline to over 6”; seat cushions are 18” wide; seat bottom pan which moves forward when seat is reclined plus a 12.1“ back-mounted LCD screen. There are also other necessities like eye shades and toothbrush.

When asked why people love flying Emirates, Nathalie said it’s mainly about the inflight experience and connectivity as the airline can connect you to the world. As for its Dubai hub, it offers a lot to visitors like shopping, sports to name some as the city is a very cosmopolitan one.

She also spoke on the perception that people have about cabin crews being just a waitress, as some described them, on a plane.

“To become a cabin crew with Emirates Airline, you have to go through a list of interviews, have to pass many exams and undergo medical and security trainings including martial arts,” said Nathalie, adding that one has to be comfortable to deal with customers.

“Working for Emirates is amazing. It’s not only about personal growth but also about the life skills you get. It’s also about commitment, self-confidence which makes you the person you are,” she said.

Work of a cabin crew can also be demanding on a person like the long flights, the various features and characteristics of countries and of course demanding passengers. But to Nathalie these do not put her off.

“You embrace changes. You take the positive out of it,” she said, with an ever smiling face showing her love for the job.

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