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It’s all locally hand-made from ISLAND CRAFTS

yannickYannick Cedras is a 22-year-old young entrepreneur and artist from Grand Anse, Praslin specialising in wooden crafts. Yannick produces craft items with a local flair such as coco de mer, sea turtle, tortoise, fish, among many others.

His business, ISLAND CRAFTS, is a family one and he is continuing in his father’s footsteps.

Yannick took part in the Home and Industry Fair under the theme ‘Zil Pros and Mouvman’, held at Grand Anse, Praslin last month to coincide with our National Day celebrated for the first time on June 29, together with our Independence Day.

The fair was held to showcase the progress and innovations taking place on the inner islands. There were other young people trying their hands in small businesses with the help of Senpa (Small Enterprise Promotion Agency).

Seychelles NATION contacted Yannick to shed light on what he is really doing at ISLAND CRAFTS and how his business is progressing.

ISLAND CRAFTS has a workshop situated at Mont Plaisir where Yannick produces only wood work craft items of local subjects like coco de mer, sea turtles, tortoises, fishes and so on.

“Art is something that I was born in. I chose such a business because as I said it’s a passion but also I take it as a challenge and prove what I can do,” said Yannick, adding that he produces only wood work items.

2craft3craftRegarding financial assistance, Yannick said his family did not get any to help them start the  business. But he didn’t clarify whether they sought such assistance. He said they have used their own money although they are a Senpa-registered business.

“I buy the wood needed for my work and my products are sold in souvenir shops on Praslin, La Digue and Mahé. I deliver on every order I receive,” Yannick said.
He said they work very hard to keep the quality of their products high.

“We continuously upgrade them and always come up with new ideas,” he said.

But Yannick and family have a fervent wish.

“We are hoping that we can have a shop of our own one day so that we can sell our products  ourselves at very competitive prices,” he concluded.

All the best Yannick!

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