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Kassav is in Seychelles!


PS for Culture, Ms Rose and STB CEO, Ms Naiken with the main singer of Kassav, Jocelyne Beroard.

Seychelles International Airport became the perfect scene for crowd watchers on the lookout for legendary Kassav’s songstress, Jocelyne Beroard, as she landed in the tropical heat of the Seychelles archipelago. It’s been more than twenty years, since Jocelyne, Jacob and the rest of the band bid farewell to their fans in the Seychelles.

Today, as she returned to Seychelles for Festival Kreol, Jocelyne could simply say to the local Press welcoming her at Seychelles International airport, ‘it feels so good to be back’’ and she is “simply looking forward to be on stage on Saturday 25th October to give an electrifying concert to Seychelles’’.  Right behind her Jacob Desvarieux, pointed out ‘’ Kassav is back with its usual fervour’’. Under the golden heat of Seychelles, Jocelyne, Jacob, Jean Philippe Marthely and the team were welcomed by Benjamine Rose, Principal Secretary for Culture, Sherin Naiken, Chief Executive Officer of Seychelles Tourism Board and Miera Savy, Director of International Cooperation at the Ministry of Tourism and Culture. Since Seychelles announced the line up of Kassav for its 29th edition of the Festival Kreol, there has been much anticipation by the Seychellois public who have always enjoyed the sound and songs of Kassav.

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