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Museums play key role in day to day of societies

Museums play key role in day to day of societies

digital pictures 062 “Museums are platforms where societies can meet and reflect upon their lives. They are institutions that play a key role in promoting peace in societies for the betterment of human kind.”

These were some of the keywords by Terry Simioti Nyambe from the International Council of Museums (ICOM) in his address to officially launch activities at the National History Museum yesterday to mark this year’s International Museums Day.

The day is a yearly event masterminded by ICOM which normally falls around the May 18 and is celebrated throughout the world. A special theme is earmarked for each year and this year’s theme is “Museum and Contested Histories: Saying the unspeakable in the museums” where Seychelles has come up with its own local title “Koze Mize”. All activities are revolving around this particular theme all over the world including here.

Present at the ceremony were Benjamine Rose, principal secretary for Culture in the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture; high officials, staff and friends of the Seychelles museums and also children from both state and private schools.

In relevance to this year’s activities, Mr Nyambe said humanity has experienced many hurtful incidents in the fight for survival and most of these experiences have happened at the hands of fellow human beings and have led to unforgettable and sometimes unforgiveable experiences events, and have stayed unresolved within and between societies.

Some of these events, he added, have been carried out from generation to generation especially in instances where the issues have not been resolved. Contested histories are part of the reasons of strained relationships between certain states in the world today.

“It is for this reason the ICOM thought it right to bring to the fore the issue of contested history so that the societies can meet and discuss their pains, injustices and experiences in order to forge the healing and peace.

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“However museums are not the panacea for the pains and injustices experienced by societies but museums offer a platform where people can look at the truth of what happened, comprehend it and find closure to their situations they experienced,” he said.

He remarked today our museums are no longer just places for keeping all artifacts and specimens as many people perceive them to be. Museums, he added, are now places that play a key role in the day to day activities of our society.

The presentations’ themes were also in relation to the theme and were also based on some hurtful experiences that happened in the history of Seychelles. One was themed: “The Death of Father Theophile, Cold Case or Case Closed? by local historian Tony Mathiot and the other was “The case of Louis Poiret or Louis XVII in Seychelles” by Honourable Bernard Georges.

Source: Seychelles Nation

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