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‘My Seychelles Experience’ International Video Competition

competiWinners get VIP welcome

A couple from Romania – Bogdan and Elena Matei – arrived yesterday on a free all-inclusive VIP trip to the islands.

They are the lucky winners of an international video competition organised by the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) under the theme ‘My Seychelles Experience’.

Those who took part in the competition had to post a video on Seychelles online. The one which received more likes, was of best quality and showed Seychelles in all its aspects, were to be the winners.

The Matei couple were welcomed at the Seychelles International Airport yesterday by Nathalie Didon, deputy chief executive of the STB and Maja Gedosev, head of corporate affairs at Air Seychelles.

Ms Didon congratulated the couple on their win, welcomed them to Seychelles and presented them with a bouquet of flowers.

STB is among the sponsors of the competition which include North Island Resort, Four Seasons Resort, Variety Cruises, H. Resort Seychelles.

The couple’s winning package includes a three-day stay on North Island at a luxury villa; four days at Four Seasons also in a luxury villa; four days at Savoy Resort & Spa; three days on Pegasus Yacht and two business class return tickets sponsored by Air Seychelles.

The competition was launched online and 35 countries took part. It is the largest such competition organised by STB.

“What made them win the competition is the originality of their video where the couple managed to capture all the sites they visited on Mahé, Praslin, La Digue and Silhouette, as well as the involvement of the people in it and their own participation. When you view this video you will notice the couple have really demonstrated their experience of these places they have been too. And it also shows they are passionate about it,” explained Ms Didon.

The couple’s original video is of 29 minutes duration but they managed to squeeze the essence of it into two minutes – the time limit set for the competition.

competititionMs Didon added that someone watching the video, either a tourist or Seychellois, will not believe that one can have such a marvelous and exciting holiday in Seychelles.

As for Ms Gedosev, she said Air Seychelles is a proud sponsor of this “fantastic and beautiful competition”.

“We have ensured that we bring the winners to Seychelles,” said Ms Gedosev, adding that it is one of the national airline’s mandates to support such initiatives.

STB set up a committee to judge these videos from 35 countries. They came up with 47 best ones and after meeting the criteria, the Matei couple came out as winners.

The couple said they were in Seychelles for the first time on their honeymoon.

“We wanted to have a baby here. We didn’t succeed. It wasn’t our fault. And then maybe God gave us a second chance to have our wish accomplished,” said an ever smiling Bogdan, with Elena doing the same beside him.

Bogdan said they were already about to make a video from their nice holiday here. When they learned they were the winner of the competition, they were on cloud nine.

 Source : Seychelles NATION

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