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National Library – Exhibition showcases children’s holiday activities

2libraryThe activities the National Library undertakes with children during the holidays are being showcased in an exhibition.

The exhibition, which will remain open for a week at the children’s section of the library, consists of the poems, stories, arts and crafts that the children did as well as the visits they were involved in.

Every school holiday the Children’s Library organises activities which are books and literature oriented.

On the last day of the holiday, a small gathering is held where the children get to enjoy one last time together.

The senior librarian of the public library services, Stella Bradburn, said they maintain that reading is always fun.

“We try our best not to make the children feel like they are in a classroom so a relaxing and recreational element is added to the activities they take part in, for example the visit they undertook in Victoria followed by some playtime at the playground,” she said.

She said over 200 children registered to the library activities over the holiday.

3library“The children met at the library at 8am and would return home at 5pm after a fun-filled day and some of them even refused to go home when their parents came to pick them up at 4pm,” she said.

She took the opportunity to thank the Ministry of Family Affairs and the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture for their support.

Eight-year-old Valentina Meme said she most enjoyed making picture frames and the dancing.

“I like it here at the library, now I want to stay at the library instead of going to school on Monday,” she said.

Mont Fleuri student, Chloe Vidot, said she enjoyed the sewing a lot as she already knew the basics but this helped her learn new things such as how to make cushions.

She urges all her friends to join the library as you get the chance to deepen your knowledge in many aspects.

The accompanying photos show some of the items in the exhibition that the children did during the holidays.

Source : Seychelles NATION

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