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The School of Music and Dance certificates ceremony.

1ncpaThe National Conservatoire of Performing Arts (NCPA) awarded students from the school of music and dance with their ABRSM certificates in a small ceremony held at the Bahai Centre at Bel Air on Friday the 12th of November 2016.

It was the Director for the National Conservatoire of Performing arts Mr. Pierre Joseph, the Principal Secretary for Culture Ms. Benjamine Rose and other officials from the department who presented those students who excelled in their exams in music and dance with their certificates.

“This presentation also reflects our core values which are to provide the services with a caring attitude and to display professionalism in our approaches. I mean that all students regardless of their levels and abilities are entitled to sit for an exam when they are ready and teachers guide them at their own rate, there should never be any pressure to force a candidate to take an exam.” said the director in his speech.

2ncpaThe Seychelles Conservatoire of Performing Arts rewarded over a hundred students who sat for their British Examination of Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM). A total of 38 students passed their exams and received their certificates in 2016 for the ABRSM Theory exams, and 39 of them passed their ABRSM practical exams, which make a total of 77 music award for both theory and practical. Whereas the school of dance, a total of 89 students passed their exams with flying colors for Ballet and Modern Dance.

Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music Exam graded children and adults from grade one to eight. It range from beginner levels as Pre-millinery ballet in dance, music prep tests, music and intermediate ballet for dance. Certificate recipients of grade 8 can eventually opt to pursue diploma and degree levels in Music.

“This certificate for you is a reward for your courage and hard work as you want to be amongst those in life who excel in a creative arts field. The journey for fun, techniques and efforts in your practice has begun with this first award” said the director to the students with a smile of accomplishment.

NCPA is looking forward to welcome the drama awards next on their calendar. The aim of the National Conservatoire of Performing Art is to develop the will of young students to take dance and music seriously.


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