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‘We need to work together to better protect our tourism industry,’ says Seychelles Minister St.Ange

ministerWe all need more than ever to work within the community of nations to protect our tourism industry and every aspect which makes it succeed.

Minister for Tourism and Culture of Seychelles Alain St.Ange said this while addressing the plenary session at the 21st General Assembly of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation ( UNWTO).

He called on the other tourism minister attending this event to rally even closer than ever before and behind their tourism organisation.
Minister St.Ange described tourism as a major catalyst for change, for the society as a whole.

“Tourism allows us a fresh perspective and access to new ideas, concepts and dreams,” he said.

“Growth of the tourism industry offers us a chance to take a step forward and to overcome our differences and capitalise on our diversity.”
“If we seize this chance for growth then tourism can become a major tool for good and for our future prosperity.”

Minister St.Ange added that tourism is having a product and it is about marketing.

He also spoke about the  number of sad examples of a country’s tourism industry being damaged by a lack of security.
“We must never lose sight of the fact that tourism is vulnerable. The time is right for the UNWTO to make the drive for security and peace as key words of its mission,” he said.

We cannot have tourism without security and peace, he added.

Minister St.Ange said peace and security are the most important unique selling points for any tourism destination.
In his address, Minister Alain St.Ange also spoke about the tourism industry of Seychelles, adding that it remains the pillar of the island’s economy and that it is driven by local communities.

“Our tourism industry, that has become the pillar of our economy, demands that our country and its people work in total partnership,” he said.

Minister St.Ange expressed words of thanks to the UNWTO’s Secretary General Taleb Rifai and his team for being able to keep tourism visible as an industry that brings economic stability, provides employment and keeps the world connected.

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