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Johnise Juliette

johnise1D.O.B: 13th of August 1971

 Started singing at a young age.


  • 1987 at the National Youth Service .Singing became part in my life.

Under the direction of Mr. Andreix Rosalie.


  • 1988 at the Seychelles Polytechnic (Art & Design)we form a
  • 1989 joined my first group Red Berets under the direction of Mr. Gilles Lionnet

He was also the Director of Youth League.

Red Berets performed for the opening of the play ground. Performed alongside many groups and it was a big group with 13 musicians including 3/4 female vocalist.


  • johnise21990 released first album LANMOUR SOVE.


  • 1991 released second album MON BEZWEN OU and it was recorded in studio Piros – Reunion.

-In July I participated in Festival Le Miel Vert in Reunion

Accompanied by band Footsteps.


  • johnise3

    Live performance in Art Festival 2012 L’echo group

    1992 my first concert in Seychelles including local artist Hudson Dorothe.

  • Participate in RFI song competition.


  • 1993 released third album SAMBA KREOL.


  • 1994-1995 = Continue with promotion in Mauritius, Reunion and Seychelles.


  • 1994 released RACINE


  • 1995 released album LARENN SEGA

-21ST Otober = live show Footsteps and waves at the Stade lanmizik


  • 1996= A la “une” de la presse Du livre Korail


-6th May =Participate on a new album by a Mauritian Group well known- Flamboyant

=Musical show on the childrens playground.     –

-16th June=Concert Solidarite Z’enfant L’ocean at State House Mauritius.Broadcast

live in Seychelles,Madagascar,Reunion and Mauritius

-18th June=Reception with the President of Mauritius Mr.Cassam Uteem.

-19th June=Meeting with Mr.Tsang mang King.Minister for Arts and culture in


=Launching of new MBC programme(Tropicorama des iles).

-7th July= Released of my first ROMANCE des Seychelles. Very old French songs

Which have became part of our cultural heritage.

-24th August=Musical show in Mauritius to commemorate the 100th anniversary of

the abolition slavery.

  • 1996 Press conference and release album ANSYEN REFREN.

-25th August= Musical show in Mauritius with participation of artist from Pakistan,

                               South Africa,India,Comores,Madagascar and Reunion.


*I was awarded the best outstanding performance in the U.First                

   Campaign competition


-4th March = Independence Day musical show.

-15th March = Hotel Performance (Grand Gaube).

-19th March = Recording session with popular group WINDBLOWS

The best sega Dance volume 1,recorded in Reunion.


-26th April= Musical show(sey) accompanied by group EQUINOX.

including Kawak , Adzin Nourri and Regis Delorie from Seychelles.


-1st May = Musical show in Rodrigue to celebrate the labour day.

accompanied by a group from the Island MIGHTY GUYS.


-3rd May = Live interview on radio arc en ciel.


-16th May= Participate in FESTIVAL DUNIA in Madagascar with

Participation of artists from the Indian Ocean Island.


-23rd May =live interview on Kreol plus Reunion.

Cabaret show in discotheque featuring

Kim Djaml and Chantal Magnan from Reunion

Vivienne Serval antilliase

Jennifer du groupe orchidee Paris.


-24th May =interview on radio R.F.O(Radio Festival)

Show in discotheque 2000 to commemorate Mother’s day.


-29th May =Filming session clip Lariviere Tanier with R.F.O.Tele.


-30th May =Show with Kim Djaml and Marie-Josee Couronne.


-4th June = Liberation Day musical show.


-7th June =Liberation musical show on Praslin.


-6th July =Musical show in Mauritius accompanied by the group Windblows.


-15th August =Indian Musical show at the ICCS.


  • 2002 released album MALER NAPA BALIZAZ


Continue with promotion of my album.


  • 2003 represent Seychelles in the first edition of Tournant de L’ocean Indien in Mauritius as from the 29th – 4th of may,alongside Seychellois artists

-Patrick Victor, Jany Letourdie, Jean Marc Volcy and Jahrimba.


  • 2004 participation on album Les filles Chantent Patrick


*National Arts Council Music Award


  • 2006 released album SANS POU VIV

2008 /2009/2010/2011/2012


Still in the music field. Female Vocalist in L’echo Band manage by Mr. Berno Cedras.

We performed mostly everyday in hotels, live shows and represent Seychelles to promote our culture in other countries.

Such as Reunion, Spain ,Rodrigue ,Germany , Mauritius to name a few.

L’echo group provide Cabaret show also where we demonstrate our talent in our traditional and modern dance also.


  • 2009 Released album RETOUR LARENN SEGA


  • 2013 released album Retras Larout to commemorate 25 years in my music carrier


  • 8th March 2013= Solo exhibition at Carrefour des arts


  • 26th April 2013= Live show at ICCS with L’echo group including


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